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UNC-Duke Game Thread

This could either go very well or very badly. I am not sure there is a middle even though the first game was very much that way. If UNC is going to make some sort of insane ACC Tournament run, this would be a great place to start. If they have a horrible game, I worry it might snuff out the burgeoning flames of confidence that started burning over the past two games.

Aside from that, nothing would be sweeter than to win a fifth straight game in Durham, ruin senior night and knock Duke out of first place in the ACC.

In case it gets ugly I am posting this highlight video of Ty Lawson dismantling Duke's defense in the 2nd half of last year's game in Durham. For fun count how many Duke players tried to guard Lawson only to get a big ol' FAIL slapped across their forehead.

Comments if you have 'em.