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UNC Gets NIT Bid

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Here is the honest truth. I was not convinced UNC was getting in and I actually had a post written and ready to go which included a You Tube video of the scene where Old Yeller gets shot.Turns out the NIT was not the mother from Old Yeller.

So, the NIT Selection Committee decides to put the Heels in as the #4 seed which will have them hosting a first round game. The opponent will be William & Mary. If you are keeping score at home, Bill & Mary knocked off both Maryland and Wake Forest earlier this season which means they are a good team. Also of note: W&M is coached by former Tar Heel walk-on Tony Shaver who played for Dean Smith during the mid-70s.

UNC will play the Tribe on Tuesday night at 9:30 PM in Carmichael Auditorium(I know, it is Arena now. I refuse to conform darn it!). ESPN will televise the game.

Now, I realize this is not something many UNC fans wanted. Well, it is what it is. The only thing left to do now is win the darn thing.

Here is UNC's bracket:

#1 Mississippi St vs #8 Jackson St.
#4 UNC vs #5 William & Mary

#3 South Florida vs #6 NC State
#2 UAB vs #7 Coastal Carolina

The rest of the bracket can be found here.