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Be On The Look Out For Balcony Jumpers


This morning on Twitter, Bobby Frasor posted a link to this picture on THF(which is the first link that comes up in Google images. Score!) This is a scene from the infamous pool jumping incident in 2008 involving Frasor, Tyler Hansbrough and Marcus Ginyard. Good times.

Frasor, like many of us, is lamenting the fact he is no longer in college for the last day of classes. That day and the exam period were a lot of fun. Instead of "carpe diem" Frasor has a new saying for this day: "go jump off a balcony."

John Henson responded to Frasor's tweet by saying:

lol!!!...soo today is gunna be a good day huh ?RT @BFrasor : LDOC

So if anyone in and around Chapel Hill snaps a photo of John Henson diving into a pool from a fraternity house balcony, please send it along.