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Checking Those Wildly Premature Rankings For Next Season

I actually do not have an issue with media folks issuing rankings for next season but they really should wait until the NBA Draft process has shaken out. Every single ranking put out by these guys carries the disclaimer: "Hey this could change" or "I am going to make 75 assumptions here that might not be true next month." Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to see where UNC is presently being slotted.

Andy Katz, ESPN: #19

Luke Winn, SI: #13

Gary Parrish, CBS: #10

Mike Decourcy, TSN: #10

Jeff Goodman, Fox Sports: #12

If you average those together that puts UNC roughly about 12th or 13th.

Gary Parrish and Andy Katz both assume Ed Davis is returning. Jeff Goodman is assuming Davis is gone. Goodman is also really high on Kendall Marshall and based on past Twitter traffic thinks Marshall will solve UNC's issues at PG. Katz put UNC down at #19 because he thinks they need to earn their hype. Novel concept there, too bad is it never applied to Duke.

My guess is whatever roster shakeups might be coming for UNC will happen very soon then we can take a concrete look at next year's team.