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In Case You Did Not Believe Him Before[UPDATED]

UPDATE: Full statement via Tar Heel Blue:

"Last week when we were in New York for the NIT, several reporters from North Carolina asked me about transferring after the season. I said that I would always be a Tar Heel. I thought my answer would end the speculation, but my teammates, family, coaches and I continue to be asked about me transferring.

"I want to again confirm that I am not transferring anywhere. I eagerly look forward to preparing for next season and competing with my Carolina teammates as we hope to improve on our play from this past season. I have my own basketball dreams and I know I have to work hard this summer to reach them and help Carolina reach our team goals.

"I've been asked about these rumors since the day we won at Wake Forest in February and I really want to put all this stuff to rest. I am a Tar Heel and will continue to learn from Coach Williams and his staff to become a more effective player and leader and help us have a great season in 2011."

I am treating this release from UNC just like a release from a player who decides to stay at UNC and not enter the draft. In other words, a decision of some sort was made and UNC is announcing said decision.

Original post after the jump.

UNC PG Larry Drew has released another statement saying he is not transferring. Adam Lucas tweeted it on @TarHeelMonthly.

Larry Drew releases statement: "I want to again confirm that I am not transferring"

By my count this makes the third denial of transfer rumors. The first two came directly from Drew. One after Buster Sports said it was a possibility and then most recently in New York during the NIT Semifinals. This denial is the first one to come through UNC which means it is considered a settled affair between Drew and the coaches.

Earlier today, Drew decided to have some fun and tweeted the following:

Ikno it been a lot of talk about me transfering n what not, n bout a week ago I put it out there I'd always be a tarheel...

Well ive had some time to think it over, talk to my family about it nd I've come to a final desicion...

I jus hope all heels fans that have supported me continue to support me throughout my career and the future decisions I make...thank yall

John Henson responded with:

Youu aint goin nowheree clownnn!! @LDrew2

These crazy college kids! Obviously Drew knew the statement was forthcoming so he decided see how many replies he could get on an IC thread before they locked it up.

Okay, move along. Nothing more to see here.