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NCAA Final Four Open Thread

Make no bones, this is a weak Final Four when you consider the caliber of players here. Someone can argue that 2006 was weak based on the lack of a #1 seed and an #11 being there. However, Florida had NBA players. I think UCLA has a couple. This Final Four is more about the coaches than the actual players which is where some of the frustration for Tar Heel fans comes into play. Duke got an easy draw and then gets a theoretically easy Final Four unlike what UNC faces in most of their title runs or in 2008 when they shared the stage with three other #1 seeds. All that being said, West Virginia is the Big East champion and should have been a #1 seed. They beat Duke two years ago and I think they have the personnel to succeed where Baylor failed. At least that is the hope. As far as who UNC fans should root for to win the whole thing? MSU or Butler are good choices in my opinion. Bob Huggins is Bob Huggins so my use for him goes as far as Duke losing and that's it.


#5 Michigan St vs #5 Butler, 6:07 PM
#1 Duke vs #2 West Virginia, 8:47 PM

Comments if you have 'em.