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Obligatory Roy Fist Pumps Redick Air Ball Video

Wait..that was it? They way I heard this talked about, it sounded as though Roy stood up and gave a solid fist pump. That looked like he was adjusting his sleeve. Something tells me people are making more of that than it was which would not be unusual where Roy Williams is involved.

Minor clarification: Roy Williams said during a Q&A with fans on the Tar Heel Tour in Charlotte last night that he was reacting to the Redick air ball but as you can see it was a subtle response. Apparently, Tyler Hansbrough called Roy and said his former coach was his hero for doing that.

At any rate there was strong Redick hate being exuded in Charlotte which led this guy to parade around UNC wearing a Redick Orlando jersey just to gauge the hate from UNC fans. SMH. Yeah, I am with @UNC_Bball on this one. While that was impressive, try that at Maryland and see what happens. Or better yet, try it with a Duke jersey at Maryland. Just be sure to have on your running shoes.

Note: Post changed after publishing.