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Random Recruiting News

Since things are too freaking quiet I figured I would toss a couple of items out there from the recruiting front.

According to Inside Carolina, 2011 SG Austin Rivers, recently decommitted from Florida is being listed as having a scholarship offer from UNC. Rivers is the #1 ranked SG in the class by Obviously this signals Roy Williams is serious about getting Rivers. It also raises a scholarship numbers question for 2011. When Ed Davis declared for the NBA, it basically resolved what was already a standing scholarship issue in the 2011 class. As it stands right now UNC is at the 13 scholarship limit with the current rosters(sans Will Graves who will be graduated) and five recruits in 2010 and 2011. Rivers would be 14th which means Roy is either banking on an NBA defection between now and the start of the 2011-12 season or someone is leaving the team via transfer. NBA defections seem likely since both John Henson and Harrison Barnes could make the jump after next season, lockout concerns notwithstanding. A transfer is possible with likely candidate being Justin Watts except Watts indicated on Twitter he was registering for classes this morning.

Starting the day off early.. Class registration then a workout at the Smith center... Ahh

That would seem to quash a bevy of rumors about Watts transferring.

The other (remote) possibility is David Wear not making a full recovery from his hip injury. The word on Wear is it will be June before they update his status for the upcoming season.

Since we are in the doldrums of the offseason here, let the speculation run amok!