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Some Offseason Minutiae To Digest


UNC has announced who will be wearing what numbers next season which usually only matters for the freshman unless someone is looking to switch numbers which is the case here.

UNC basketball jersey numbers of note for 2010-11...Strickland 1, McDonald 2, Marshall 21, Bullock 35, Barnes of team no changes

Dexter Strickland will take #1 now that Marcus Ginyard is graduating. Leslie McDonald will take #2 with the departure of Marc Campbell. Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock will continue to wear the numbers they wore in high school #40 and #35 respectively. Kendall Marshall wore #12 in high school but that number is presently hanging in the Smith Center rafters in between Lennie Rosenbluth and James Worthy(Phil Ford in case you are slow on the uptake.) Marshall is going to flip the numbers and wear #21.

For those of you who draw sentimental connections to any particular number here are some of the notables who have worn the same number as the incoming freshmen:

#40: Joe Forte, Hubert Davis, Tommy Kearns
#35: Bob McAdoo, Peter Brennan, Doug Moe
#21: Donald Williams, King Rice, Mitch Kupchak

Then again, as of this writing, Kendall Marshall is querying the Twitter world on whether he should take #5 instead of #21 now that Strickland has opted for #1.