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UNC-Dayton Game Thread

Before the NIT we were debating whether this was the worst season in the past 50 years. It was neck and neck with 2002 on which season would be rated lower. After a spirited NIT run, this team has a chance to be the 3rd worse team in the past 50 years. Congratulations! Let's rush Rosemary St.!

Actually, don't. Seriously. We need to act like the team has accomplished something before and not run hog wild like this is the best and only great thing that has happened. UNC fans need to have some freaking pride, not to mention historical perspective. The bottom line is regardless of what happens in this game, good for this team and next season have already been done. This Tar Heel team needed a boost of confidence. There was a need for the younger players to mature and find their games. This postseason run has done that. There is hope for the future with what we have seen so far and the three guys coming next season. If this season has been a perfect meshing of worst possible cases then I firmly believe next season will be the exact opposite.

Winning the NIT is gravy at this point if you look at the big picture. As I said during the ACC Tournament last season, I like gravy..lots of it.


Comments if you have 'em.