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UNC Has Team Awards Banquet

I hesitate to post this since I am certain it will degenerate into a bash Marcus Ginyard and Deon Thompson session in the comments. So consider this for posterity or something and try to stifle your worst opinions. Was it just me or was the awards banquet woefully under publicized? Maybe I just missed the announcement though I had trouble finding information on Tar Heel Blue as late as last week. Given the forgettable nature of this season(save the NIT run) I am sure it was only a coincidence UNC kept it low key right?

At any rate, here are the awards:

Team MVP: Deon Thompson
Defensive POY: Marcus Ginyard
Most Improved: John Henson
Most Inspirational: Justin Watts
Most Assists: Larry Drew
Top Rebounder/Highest FG%: Ed Davis
Highest FT%: Will Graves

Tyler Zeller was recognized with a scholar athlete award. Travis Wear received an award for being the freshman who exemplified determination, sportsmanship and sacrifice. Leslie McDonald, Dexter Strickland, David Wear and the walk-ons got a free meal.

Thus ends the Lost Season of 2010. May we never speak of it again.