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Weekend Open Thread

Obviously things have really quieted down so blogging will be light this weekend.

UNC men's lacrosse got whipped by Maryland in the ACC Semifinals. Maybe they are using the Roy Williams approach of losing the ACC Tournament then winning the national title.

Former UNC DT Cam Thomas is still waiting on the NFL Draft to call. Three rounds are in the book. Thomas was thought to be a 2nd round pick but has not been selected yet. E.J. Wilson, Kyle Jolly and Alec Mullins are also hoping to be called but are longer shots.

In baseball, UNC opened up their series at Clemson with a win. The Diamond Heels are in a world of hurt in the ACC Standings following a three game sweep at the hands of Miami last weekend.

In the NBA Playoffs, former Heels Antawn Jamison, Jawad Williams, Danny Freaking Green(Cleveland), Brendan Haywood(Dallas), Rasheed Wallace(Boston), Ty Lawson(Denver),Vince Carter(Orlando) and Raymond Felton(Charlotte) are all still in action.

Otherwise enjoy the weekend.