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Four UNC Football Players Named Preseason All-American

By Phil Steele who many people consider to be a fairly smart guy on this kind of stuff. The four Tar Heels in question, who I think should be referred to as the Four Horsemen Of Ending Your QB's Career, are: Marvin Austin, Robert Quinn, Bruce Carter(1st team) and Quan Sturdivant(2nd team). Take note that you still have Kendric Burney, Deunta Williams and Charles Brown in the secondary. That is seven guys who are going to be fun to watch this season.

Steele also managed to name pretty much the entire starting defense(save two players) to the four All-ACC teams he put together.

Yeah, that won't build any hype or anything. Needless to say there will be a lot of pressure on this team to produce with eyes squarely on the offense to come up with enough points to win games. If the defense ends up being all that and a bag of chips then they won't need many, just enough.