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Knox Visiting UNC

You know, when I started this blog I swore I would not spend much time talking about recruiting unless the player in question was already committed. However the recruiting world is like a black hole that sucks you in. It can be somewhat addicting. Then again, I seem to only do this with basketball. In football it still strikes me as pointless to talk about recruits given how often commits switch schools and the development curve.


Former Alabama forward Justin Knox is said to be coming to UNC for an official visit next week as Roy Williams continues to target possible replacements for the Wear twins. The fact Knox will actually be coming to town signals that Roy is moving him to the front of the line among the four targets discussed over the past week. The seriousness of a program's interest in a player comes in stages. There is assistant coach contact with the prospect followed by the head coach, a visit by the coach or the prospect visiting campus. Assistant coach Steve Robinson has talked to Kadeem Jack, Knox, Eloy Vargas and Marcus Thornton at some point recently. It is my understanding that Knox alone has rated a phone call from Roy and is the only one coming for a visit at this point. In terms of UNC's focus, it is clear they want Knox and why not? This is an experienced player who is 6-9, 245 lbs. Knox also fits Roy's description of a "character kid" having graduated in three years with a business degree. Plus, it is a one year deal which means UNC can fill a gaping hole in the upcoming season without mortgaging the future on a recruit who might now work out.

I would not discount Roy bringing in both Knox and Jack before this is over but if you had to pick one, I think Knox is your best bet. Since he is lined up for a visit it appears Roy is placing that bet.