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Preview Of ACC Basketball Schedule

ACC Now, using the three year schedule rotation, takes a look at the ACC slate for 2010-11. Joe Giglio says NCSU has drawn the toughest schedule and that it is entirely possible Duke could go undefeated if everything breaks right(shoot me now.) UNC's slate looks like this:

UNC (8 to 10)
Twice: Duke, N.C. State, BC, Clem, FSU
Home only: Md, VT, Wake
Road only: GT, Miami, UVa

Bottom line: After last year's disaster, the only safe assumption is to take the one guaranteed win on this schedule (I'm confident you'll find it) and split the other 15 games — giving the hall-of-fame coach with the No. 1 recruit in the country the benefit of the doubt. That adds up to a 9-7 mark.

The guaranteed win Giglio is referring to would be Clemson's visit to Chapel Hill. This does not strike me as a horrid schedule. Virginia Tech will be top three in the ACC preseason and UNC only sees them once at home. Outside of Duke, Virginia Tech, NCSU and maybe Miami, everyone else in the ACC will be going through some degree of transition. I would think UNC's situation is slight more stable so nine wins seems a little low. However coming off the disaster of last season, it seems reasonable be cautious.

The full schedule with dates and times usually comes out in late August.