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Sunday's News & Notes

Scouring the interwebs to bring you news on the Tar Heel front...

**The UNC baseball team needed to win out against #12 Virginia Tech and still needed some help to even make the ACC baseball tournament in Greensboro, as only the top 8 teams get to participate. The Heels did their part, earning a three-game sweep of the Hokies, but NC State and Boston College didn't lend the Heels a hand, so Carolina will sit this one out. The Wolpfack (not a typo - click the link) swept Duke while BC earned a single win against #6 Georgia Tech, earning the Eagles a tie with UNC for 8th spot. Since UNC and BC didn't actually play this season (Huh? 30 conference games and you don't play everybody?) the tiebreaker became records against the top teams, which gave the advantage to BC.

In spite of not making the ACC tourney, the Heels may still have a chance to make it five straight trips to Omaha as they are strong candidates for an at-large bid to the NCAA tourney. UNC had an RPI of 30 before sweeping the top-15 Hokies, so it's safe to assume it will go up. UNC has battled inexperience and inconsistency as a young ball club this year, but when they put it all together they are capable of beating most anyone. It should be fun if they make the NCAAs.

**Ken Tysiac over at ACC Now is reporting that UNC will go on the road to Asheville next year to open UNC-A's new basketball arena. Kimmel Arena will open in 2011 and will seat 3,200 for basketball. Personally, I think this is pretty neat. How many big-time schools would play a game like this on the road? Dean Smith used to have a policy of not playing in-state Division I schools, but Matt Doherty did away with that and Roy Williams has continued to play the locals, even away from Chapel Hill.