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UNC Confirms Wears Transferring

Via Tar Heel Blue:

"We are extremely disappointed that David and Travis are leaving the program," says Williams. "I love both kids and they would have been very important parts of our team next season. It is a significant blow to our team as we had four post players and now we are down to two. They are quality kids and will be quality players.

"Their father called me last night and asked for their release, which came as a complete surprise. I met with both kids in mid-April for our typical end-of-year meetings and together we worked on their development plans for next season. Both David and Travis seemed to be excited about their futures at North Carolina.

"Our coaching staff will look at whatever options are available but it's hard to replace two quality players at this time."

According to Roy Williams, this came as a surprise. Based on everything I have seen this was probably the case, otherwise you would have seen more recruiting activity than just offering Austin Rivers.

Is there anything to be gleaned from the fact the Wears' father called to ask for the release after his sons had returned home? Probably not. Since there were two of them it was simply easier to have the father call on behalf of both. It does seem odd both players met with Roy Williams about next season. Including that in the statement serves its own purpose from a PR standpoint. It basically says "hey we thought everything was just fine and they decided to just leave." I would not discount family pressure, being homesick and whatever prognosis there might be for David Wear as factors in this.

As for finding a replacement. Rumor is UNC will call Kadeem Jack and there is a belief out there that this is a player who is still improving and will continue to do so.