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Ed Davis Taken 13th By Toronto

The bad news? Chris Bosh is probably leaving Toronto which will make the Raptors worse.

The good news? Chris Bosh is probably leaving Toronto which could free up playing time for Davis.

Then again, I am not sure the best deal for Davis is to be thrown into a situation where too much is expected of him. His offensive game is raw and post moves limited. Davis is a rebounder and shot blocker which means he would have been better off going to a playoff team with significant parts already in place. A situation like what Ty Lawson got in Denver. Davis could really benefit from being on a team where he could play to his strengths while improving his weaknesses. Not to mention, Toronto is like no man's land in the NBA. The fear for Davis is he ends up like Brandan Wright languishing on a bad team eventually seeing little playing time.

What was interesting is watching the Twitter traffic last night when Davis was picked. There is practically no one who thinks Davis will have much of impact or though his two year stint at UNC was anything to write home about. Most of us tend to agree that Davis did not pan out this season like we thought he would after playing so well during the 2009 NCAA Tournament. You also have the fact he fell to 13th. Yes it is still in the lottery but Davis was projected as high as fifth at points during the season. Maybe the wrist was a factor, who knows. It does all into question the reliability of the input players receive. If Davis was told he'd be top five and he ended up 13th, then that is an issue. Of course the same thing happened to Brandan Wright who was said to be the 3rd overall pick when he decided to leave but ended up 8th.

At any rate, here is hoping Davis can get on his scrilla and prove the detractors wrong.