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How They Got To Chapel Hill

Inside Carolina welcomes the three freshman to campus this week with a feature from Inside Carolina: The Magazine chronicling how Kendall Marshall, Reggie Bullock and Harrison Barnes became Tar Heels. The article is well worth the read to see how each player arrived in Chapel Hill. It also reveals that Roy Williams' top recruiter is Kendall Marshall?

"I’d hear from Kendall every now and then. He’d say he wants to play with me and Carolina was the right place," Barnes said. "Kendall did a good job—needless to say—of recruiting me. But the thing I enjoyed the most was the friendship that developed out of that."

After already helping the Heels land Tyler Zeller and Dexter Strickland in his first four months as a Heel, Marshall wouldn’t deny he talked to recruits about Carolina, but he didn’t consider it recruiting.

"The way I look at it, I’m just getting to know kids and becoming friends with them and we just happen be looking to go to college," Marshall said. "The summer circuit and playing basketball is a great way to meet a lot of people."

The downside is Marshall is no longer on the summer circuit talking to other recruits.

Sean May commented on Twitter last night that he played his first game with the freshmen and he liked what he saw.

Also of note. All three players have said one of their summer school classes is public speaking. I am curious as to whether Roy Williams or Steve Kirschner suggested(required?) they take that class to better prepare them for dealing with the media.