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McAdoo Will Return To High School

Rumor confirmed.

"I’m going to go back to high school," he told

"Basically I was telling myself that I wanted to go to Carolina and wouldn’t really mind missing my senior year and the McDonald’s Game. But once I thought about it, it’s something that I really wanted to do."

Having James McAdoo a year early would have been nice but since he is ultimately going to be a Tar Heel anyway, I am not too bent out of shape over it. Among the people relieve to hear this(outside of his parents and his HS coach) is Justin Knox who probably thought he might get the shaft if McAdoo came early.

I really cannot fault the decision either. McAdoo should not be in a rush to grow up to fast. Since he only has two classes to finish high school at Norfolk Christian, his senior year will be all about playing basketball and enjoying being a 17-18 year old kid. There are a good number of us who would love to be able to spend a year hanging out with friends, playing basketball and traveling to the various all-star games to which McAdoo will be invited. There were benefits to passing that up. However, McAdoo probably realized that such a year only comes once.

My only real complaint is why this ever made it into the public domain and why it went as far as McAdoo supposedly withdrawing from his school. It seems to me this is something to keep under wraps. Withdrawing when McAdoo did seemed premature and unnecessary. Chalk it up as a lesson learned in an instant media age I guess.