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Odds and Ends: GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!! Edition

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Kind of a crazy day in the general sports world but first some UNC tidbits:

  • ACC Now has a nice feature on how James McAdoo came to decide against enrolling at UNC this season. McAdoo was on a mission trip to Nicaragua which had him removed from the comforts of the world for 12 days. It was there he decided returning to to high school is what he wanted to do. Roy Williams talks about UNC having character kids. When you see a player like McAdoo, off doing mission work in a third world country and displaying a level head in making such a huge personal decision, you can only smile.
  • Fellow 2011 recruit P.J. Hairston raised some eyebrows at the NBAPA Camp last week with his play and this:

  • Another pickup game report has trickled out. The current team sans Will Graves, Larry Drew and Leslie McDonald took on the alumni team. The alums won 80-79 which is fine considering how stacked the "Blue" team was. Blue had Sean May, Jawad Williams, Marvin Williams, Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington just to name a few. Ellington hit a three to win the game. Kendall Marshall looked good, as did Reggie Bullock. Harrison Barnes missed some shots but still looks to be good as advertised. The only negative is Dexter Strickland injured his hip in a collision with Jawad Williams. He expects to be fine.
  • UNC is now planning on an August exhibition in the Bahamas. It is scheduled for August 11-12. Good move as it is an excellent way to build the team.
  • Tar Heel Times came up with this shirt in honor of John Henson and Dexter Strickland. This led Strickland to say they wanted to start a Scrilla Movement among the fans. As long as it results in Roy saying "scrilla" at some point I am all for it.
  • And finally, the crazy day in sports began with Team USA scoring a clutch goal in the 91st minute of their World Cup game vs Algeria to win 1-0 and advance to the knockout round. It ended with Greensboro native John Isner walking off the court at Wimbledon due to darkness deadlocked with Nicolas Mahut the fifth set. Yikes! In case you missed it here is USA's Landon Donovan sealing the deal vs Algeria.