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Roy Williams' Summer Press Conference Reveals Very Little

And when I saw on Twitter this morning that Roy Williams summer press conference would be today I thought for sure I would have some meat for THF readers. Not so much. And no scrilla references! In fact the only topic ACC Now thought was worth posting about was Roy's answer to questions about the Wear Twins. To no one's great shock Roy said he was surprised by it...again.

Click here for video or here for audio if you would rather listen.

Lauren Brownlow at Tar Heel Blue has a nice rundown of Roy's remarks as does Greg Barnes at Inside Carolina.

Roy covered all the basics. He fielded Wear Twins questions up to a point when he decided to cut off a 3rd question on the issue saying he wanted to focus on the current team. There was some discussion of last season and what went wrong. Roy cites injuries as the primary issues, says chemistry may have played a role. Mostly he thought the massive attrition on the interior hurt UNC's ability to disguise the lack of a perimeter game which itself was made worse by injuries there as well.

Roy discussed the need for Will Graves and John Henson to head in opposite directions in terms of their weight. He also mentioned the pick-up game from earlier in the week where he pointed out that it was basically the three freshman, Tyler Zeller and John Henson vs "fifteen old guys" yet the they only lost by one.(Drew and McDonald were out of town, Graves and Strickland were injured.) Not bad given what the alumni team boasted in terms of talent.

One noteworthy point is Roy made several references to the 2006 team and how they set that team up in terms of size. As your recall that team ran small. Roy said David Noel played the four but was not really considered a four because he played on the perimeter some. Roy seemed to indicate you might see something similar, perhaps Graves playing the four which also makes you wonder how Henson and Zeller will be utilized and at what spot. Roy also called Harrison Barnes "the most focused high school player I've ever recruited, the most disciplined high school player I've ever recruited." This led to an inevitable comparison to Tyler Hansbrough and the notion that, like 2006, Barnes would be the focal point of the team.

UNC will make an exhibition trip to the Bahamas since a rule change was made that would permit freshman to be a part of it. It is expected that Justin Knox will also be on campus in time for that trip as well.