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The Night They Went Searching For Erin Andrews

Yeah, I am just trolling for hits by putting Erin Andrews in the title.

Jim Young over at ACC Sports posted an excerpt from Dan Wiederer's book Blue Streak which is the quasi-unauthorized chronicle of the 2009 Tar Heels. The highlighted chapter covers the Bobby Frasor and Erin Andrews rumors which circled the interwebs in 2009. The rumors that the two had hooked up were false and actually started by some guys trying to get their picture with Andrews on Deadspin. However it did lead to a very interesting "mission" undertaken by Frasor, Tyler Hansbrough, Marcus Ginyard and former manager Preston Prescott.

So Frasor, Tyler Hansbrough, Marcus Ginyard and former team manager Preston Puckett had to find out: When Andrews was in Chapel Hill, did she ever go out on the town?

“Not really,” she told them. “Most of the time we stay at the Siena and we just end up at the hotel bar after the game to hang out.”

Cool. Noted.

Less than 90 minutes after the final buzzer sounded on the 82-65 defeat of Miami, Frasor, Hansbrough, Ginyard and Puckett had a mission.

They would head home, get ready to go out and head straight to the Siena. No, they had never been there before. And no, Andrews hadn’t extended any sort of invitation for them to join her. But still, the giddiness was bubbling.

The sharpest of outfits were needed. A few extra splashes of cologne, too.

The preparation back at the house was as energized as the Tar Heels’ fast-break attack had been that night.

“Yo, Tyler, you almost ready?” Frasor yelled.

“Yeah,” Hansbrough said.

And then here came college basketball’s reigning National Player of the Year strutting into the hallway all styled up. Wearing a leather trench coat.

“What the hell is this?” Frasor thought.

Hansbrough didn’t even smirk.

Neither did an unamused Ginyard.

“You’re not wearing that,” he told Hansbrough.

Hansbrough just stared back.

“You’re not wearing that,” Ginyard repeated.

Frasor was in hysterics, laughing so hard he had to take a knee. He had no idea whether Hansbrough was serious or kidding around.

No one was sure whether Hansbrough himself even knew.

Hansbrough relented on the trenchcoat opting for the leather jacket instead. Head on over ACC Sports to check out the rest of the story. It is exactly the sort of thing some of us probably did with three of our friends in college. Stuff like this was the essence of being in college whether it was going to the Waffle House at 2 AM or surprising a ESPN sideline reporter at the local hotel bar. The fact you have stories like this speaks volumes about why this team might ranked as one of the most beloved in UNC history. You had these four housemates dressing up to go talk to Erin Andrews at a hotel bar. Danny Green dancing before games. Ty Lawson being a kid off the court and a total stud on it. The list goes on.

That team was special.