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Updating The Implosion Of College Athletics As We Know It

Let me toss these out here more so as talking points for discussion than anything else. As of today here is what is going on:

Nebraska is poised to join the Big Ten.

Colorado has received an offer to join the Pac 10 and accepted it.

As someone pointed out on Twitter, the Pac 10 has eleven teams, the Big Ten has twelve teams and the Big 12 has ten teams. Of course no one expects that to remain the case, especially if this report from a Kansas City TV station is proven correct which has Texas and Texas A&M going to the Big Ten, Oklahoma going to the SEC and Oklahoma St going to the Pac 10. That is on top of another scenario which had six former Big 12 teams heading to the Pac 10 to form a sixteen team league which would not have a title game and demand two BCS automatic bids.

And in Lawrence, Bill Self is in the fetal position under his desk cradling the 2008 NCAA Championship trophy muttering: "There's no place like home...there's no place like home...."

Oh and the NCAA just nailed the USC football program to the freaking wall. The Trojans got a two year bowl ban, lost 30 scholarships and must vacate wins in 2004 and 2005 which includes the 2004 BCS title game vs Oklahoma. Somewhere in Los Angeles, Lane Kiffin is in the fetal position underneath his desk humming "Rocky Top."

I hope Jim Calhoun and UConn are paying attention because it is readily apparent Dad is upset and their butt is next in line.