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Earlier in the week, on the strength of Doc's in-depth look into Marvin Austin's Twitter feed(a somewhat mind warping experience) Tar Heel Fan crossed the 1,000,000 hits threshold. I know, I know. Your disappointment at the absence of a party and some sort of free swag is duly noted.

Now, I am well aware that taking 4.5 years to reach 1,000,000 means THF is small potatoes and very much a niche blog. We get some attention from fellow ACC bloggers and local media in Raleigh but for the most part our footprint is rather microscopic in the world of blogging. Just as a point of comparison Deadspin does a million hits every 40 hours or so. However, against other ACC blogs I think THF holds its own fairly well.

It is still a milestone nonetheless. It means that over the course of the past four plus years people have come to read what was posted here and they liked it so much they came back, then they started commenting and it has been in a mode of perpetual growth since.

So our appreciation and thanks to readers who breathe life into this blog with their comments and regular visits.

A big thank you to Doc and C.Michael for coming on board as contributors and enhancing the blog by bringing their opinions and voice to this site. Thanks also to those who have written special pieces along the way.

A shout out to local media folks like Joe Ovies, Adam Gold(99.9 The Fan), Joe Gilgio(ACC Now), Jim Young(ACC Sports) and fellow ACC bloggers for including us in their blogrolls and linking to the posts we write.

And no internet milestone would be complete without thanking Al Gore for inventing it. Thanks Al!