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ACC Kickoff Reveals...Nothing Really

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UNC sent QB T.J. Yates and DE Robert Quinn to Greensboro for ACC Kickoff. Both fielded more questions about non-football issues than they probably would like. Since agents was pretty much the talk of the day, we did get a view of how UNC handles agents from the perspective of educating players.

"It’s just an educational process to get everybody familiar with all of the stuff that goes on," UNC quarterback T.J. Yates said on Sunday. "We had three or four agents that everybody went room-to-room and got familiar with. It’s an extremely good thing that our football program does to educate the guys that may be making that transition."

Junior defensive end Robert Quinn was unable to participate in UNC’s "Agent Day" due to only being two years removed from his high school graduation, but the football program consistently educates all of its players to avoid the pitfalls that come with agent dealings.

"Our compliance staff meets with us periodically to talk about what we can and can’t do," Quinn said. "I’m sure we all know what we can and cannot do, but they really let us know to be careful about this and that. They really educate us on how to approach these things."

When it comes to whether UNC did enough to educate players on agent issue, the comments from Yates and Quinn seem to indicate that was the case. Yeah, I know, what else you expect them to say. Beyond that, Yates and Quinn adhered to the no comment policy as it pertained to the investigation. Inside Carolina notes that Yates, Quinn and other might not really know that much. According to a UNC official, the NCAA prohibits the school from launching an internal review once the governing body has stepped into the fray.

If you want to know about football issues, Inside Carolina gets into some of that. If you are like me though, it is very difficult to think about the football until we know which personnel will actually be on team come September. Not so for Quinn. He says they are proceeding as though Marvin Austin will be there when the season starts.