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Basketball Tidbits

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First up from Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman who caught up with Roy Williams on the summer AAU circuit who discussed a variety of topics including Harrison Barnes:

``It’s unfair that people are talking about him as a savior," Williams said. ``But he has come right in and already earned the respect of the veterans with his work ethic and focus."

Williams said that Barnes has more of an aura to his arrival in Chapel Hill than any freshman he’s brought in since he has taken over at North Carolina. Hansbrough was a big-time player, but he wasn’t No. 1 in the nation.

Williams already sees similarities about the two, though.

``Tyler is the most driven player I’ve ever coached," Williams said. ``I think Harrison will be number two. He has tremendous focus, self-discipline and is so driven."

The first bit about Barnes coming in and immediately earning respect from the veterans cannot be underscored enough. As much as UNC needs perimeter shooting, a go to scorer and steady play at the point, they also need a cohesive locker room and clear leadership among the players. I am convinced Barnes helps in this respect and his already established relationships with Reggie Bullock and Kendall Marshall will make this team a more tightly knit group than a year ago. Plus, they are going to the Bahamas for some bonding time. Nothing brings a team closer together than going snorkeling together. Or parasailing though I would think twice before putting John Henson up there. He might not come down if the cable breaks.

Roy also said, Will Graves would be ready to play in the Bahamas having fully recovered from minor ankle surgery earlier in the summer. He also gave the current weights for Graves and John Henson which were the same weights he gave a month ago. Chances are Roy has not seen his team in a month or so seeing he has been on the road recruiting.

On the NBA front, it appears Tyler Hansbrough is closer to returning to action. After months of not completely understanding why Hansbrough was suffering from dizziness and blurred vision, doctors have finally settled on vertigo as the cause. Originally everything from inner ear infection to possible concussion were tossed out there by doctors treating Hansbrough. Or maybe it was standing to close to Josh McRoberts. As you might recall, Roy Williams also suffered from vertigo a couple of years back.