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Butch Davis Faces The Media

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This is the audience Butch Davis addressed via @TarHeelFootball. The crowd was four deep around Davis. One writer counted 53 media members and 34 recorders. Needless to say he was a popular guy for someone who was under orders to say nothing about the NCAA investigation. What you see here is a whole slew of folks waiting on a slip-up.

So what did Davis say? Inside Carolina has the best rundown of his remarks which encompass mostly actually football news. Yeah, I too welcome the change of pace. Here are the highlights:

  • Robert Quinn is a beast. Apparently they got to a point where they almost asked Quinn to take a knee during the spring game since he was dominating everyone. Yates said that UNC OL James Hurst held his own vs Quinn. Davis said "It didn’t happen. He didn’t hold his own. Nobody did."
  • The offensive line will be in much better shape.
  • Plenty of wiggle room in the QB discussion. Everyone assumes T.J. Yates will start vs LSU but it is clear Davis is ready to pull the trigger on Bryn Renner if Yates does not get it done.
  • Did I mention Robert Quinn was a beast?
  • Individual player reports: Erik Highsmith gained 25 lbs, Ryan Houston is good to go academically, Carl Haskins ACL is fine and A.J. Blue will be limited to start the season with weekly evaluations to determine his status. Seeing that Blue's knee had three out of four ligaments torn, the fact he might play again is astounding.

The company line through media day is basically this: We are assuming everyone will be there until then we wait for the NCAA which has promised to move as quickly as possible.