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Charges Against Sturdivant Dismissed

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The Stanly County DA's office has dropped the marijuana possession charge against Quan Sturdivant in exchange for the UNC linebacker entering a "deferred prosecution" agreement.

Assistant District Attorney John Phillips said this afternoon that Sturdivant will be required to do 24 hours of community service and will have a substance abuse assessment as part of the deferred prosecution agreement. His case was dismissed Monday.

Phillips said Sturdivant's lawyer, Charles Parnell, stated that Sturdivant was a person of good character without a prior criminal record who had made a mistake. Phillips said the deferred prosecution agreement was "pretty routine" for someone charged with a Class III misdemeanor.

Probably the best possible outcome. Sturdivant does some work with the local kids. His record stays clean. Everyone is happy. Well, except Sturdivant who supposedly had already been undergoing "discipline" from Butch Davis.