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Five Tar Heels Named Preseason All-ACC

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Now the question is whether one of them will play at all.

Here is your preseason All-ACC team. UNC had five players, all on defense, named.

Robert Quinn, DE
Marvin Austin, DT
Quan Sturdivant, LB
Kendric Burney, CB
Deunta Williams, S

Quinn received 47 out of 52 votes. I am little amazed Quinn was not unanimous given how good he was last year. Austin received 32 of 52 votes. Could that have been higher? Did some writers opt to leave Austin off the team believing he might not play? On the flip side, did some writers hear enough off the record scuttlebutt to believe he would play?

UNC had the most players named of any school and there were zero Heels on offense. That probably means if the Tar Heel defense gives up more than a touchdown a game something is wrong. Seriously, taking up nearly half the All-ACC defensive unit with players from a single team creates a incredible level of hype and expectation. Here is hoping (1) they are all eligible, at least for most of the ACC schedule and (2) they can live up to it.