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In Other Bad News...

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Not a good weekend for UNC football players.

Tar Heels Kevin Reddick and Mike McAdoo had their apartment in Durham destroyed by fire on Saturday.

Via Luke DeCock at ACC Now:

In the middle of an otherwise unremarkable afternoon, Reddick thought his pizza had arrived. Just out of the shower, that banging noise had to be the deliveryman knocking at the door.

"I just happened to look outside," Reddick said. "I’m not sure what told me to look, but I saw shingles coming off the roof. I thought someone was working on the roof, so I didn’t pay any mind, but as I was closing the blinds, I saw fire out the window. I grabbed my shoes and left."

In minutes, the fire spread from the fourth-floor apartment above Reddick and McAdoo’s third-floor apartment. Five firefighters would be treated for heat exhaustion after battling the blaze, and 22 people left homeless by an improperly discarded cigar.

It sounds like Reddick was in serious danger before he got out. According to DeCock, the losses were of the sentimental type in the form of a HS championship ring and pictures on an iPad. The two players had renter's insurance. Here is a picture of the fire posted on Twitter by McAdoo.