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Quan Sturdivant Charged With Marijuana Possession

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Here is lesson #23,456 on why you do not make a huge deal about rival schools' players getting caught doing something because what goes around, comes around.

UNC LB and owner of one of the cooler names in Tar Heel football history, Quan Sturdivant, was cited by Albermarle Police for misdemeanor possession of less than a half an ounce of marijuana. Since I am not and never have been an illicit drug user someone help me out here. You can actually do something with less than half an ounce of this stuff? Less than half an ounce seems like a fairly small amount for this much trouble. Yes, I am profoundly ignorant of drug use. My only addiction is Diet Mt. Dew. Anyway, here is what Butch Davis had to say about it:

Quan's actions are profoundly disappointing. This obviously does not meet the high standards we have set in the football program at UNC. As a result Quan has been dismissed from the team effective immediately.

Oh wait...that's not right! That was a statement leftover from when He Who Shall Not Be Named was coach. Here is the actual statement:

We are disappointed in Quan’s actions over the weekend. This is not the type of behavior we expect from our student-athletes. In addition to the outcome of the legal process, he also will face disciplinary action from within the football program beginning immediately.

Translation: He will pay a fine, he will run Kenan Stadium steps until his knee caps fall off and he will be interviewed by these guys.

Okay I made that last one up.