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Team Scrilla Handles Wolfpack Boys Again

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It was not without some struggle however. Despite John Henson saying he was done with his injured finger and Reggie Bullock playing in the North Carolina East-West Game the previous night, both showed up with Harrison Barnes and P.J. Hairston to rally from 18 points down to win 59-51 over NCSU heavy Team McGladrey at the NC Pro Am. Barnes led Team Stackhouse Scrilla with 18 points. The key juncture of the game came when NCSU's C.J. Leslie hit two free throws to put Team McGladrey ahead 47-46. Barnes answered with a three and a pair of free throws of his own to take the lead for good. Henson had this to say after the game:

"We fought back," Henson said. ". . .That's what we always do at Carolina. It's a good preview of what we have to do this year, fight back from early deficits."

I, for one, am hoping for fewer earlier deficits than we saw in 2010. The point is taken however and with guys like Barnes and Bullock, I do not think the 2011 Tar Heels will be ones to quit.

Speaking of Bullock, the incoming freshman played his last high school game Monday night in Greensboro leading the East All-Stars to a win over the West in the annual East-West All-Star Game. Bullock was named Most Outstanding Player for his 20 point performance with included 11 in the fourth quarter as the East rallied from down 14 points to clipped the West 99-98.