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What We Know This Morning

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Not much more than we knew last night. I monitored Twitter until well past midnight and nothing new came to light. The only juicy item, if you can call it that, is that Marvin Austin's Twitter account has been sanitized. And when I say sanitized I mean it has been wiped off the face of the earth. While that is not an admission of anything, it certainly does not look good.

For a fairly well rounded take on what we know so far please check out Jim Young over at ACC Sports. Young points out that one huge concern UNC will have it the impact this could have on recruiting.

The recruiting trail could be another story. The Tar Heels have recruited very well since Davis arrived in Chapel Hill and they’ve been on quite a roll this summer, in particular. NCAA clouds on the horizon, even if they don’t lead to an eventual storm, could deal a serious blow to UNC’s recruiting momentum. Certainly it’s great negative-recruiting ammo for the Tar Heels’ competitors out on the trail.

Butch Davis and his staff have been on a roll recruiting wise. An NCAA investigation could stifle that momentum and also weaken verbal commitments already made by key prospects. The best case for UNC is this gets wrapped as quickly as possible with only a couple of players dinged for acting on their own.