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YouTube Video Of The 1993 UNC-FSU Game

One word: Awesome.

Consider this your break from the tediousness of reading internet tea leaves about what the NCAA is going to do to UNC football.

For those of us who remember this game, this probably rates as one of our top five favorite regular season games. In fact George Lynch's steal and dunk to give UNC the lead was included in UNC's 100 years of Tar Heel basketball video shown last September at the Pro Alumni Game. For me it is right there with the 2005 UNC-Duke game in Chapel Hill. That game was a watershed moment signaling that UNC was indeed back. This game in 1993 was simply epic.

The game is broken into four parts which can be found here. I am only posting the fourth part covering the final ten minutes of the game which is the best part. It picks up around the point UNC goes down 73-54. What followed was a 28-4 run by UNC to close out the game and give the Heels an 82-77 win. Also, given the recent news about Dean Smith this is a nice moment to relive since this comeback was classic Dean Smith basketball. Heck, they even go Four Corners at one point once they got the lead back. I still remember the timeout Dean Smith called with around 10 minutes left(not shown in video) and at that point my late father said: "Here we go, UNC is going try and comeback now." Good call Daddy.

One other note: As epic as this was, it clearly took a lot out of the Heels. The very next game UNC went to Winston-Salem and got the ever living crap beat out of them by Wake Forest then went to Duke four days later and lost by 13. Those two losses would be the last in the regular season with the ACC title game loss to Georgia Tech the only remaining blemish as UNC went on to win the national championship.

Had wrong link in the video embed. It has been fixed now.