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SCAR's Saunders Suspended For Lying About the NCAA Investigation

And to think we were worried someone might lie to the NCAA, not about them.

South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders, a key figure in the NCAA investigation that has touched UNC as well, was suspended indefinitely for violating team rules, according to coach Steve Spurrier. Spurrier was emphatic to note that the suspension had absolutely nothing to do with the NCAA probe or with questions about players' living arrangements at a Columbia hotel.

In an incredibly ironic twist, the Charleston Post and Courier is reporting that Saunders was suspended for missing multiple team meetings prior to Saturday morning's Gamecock scrimmage and for lying about the reason for his absence - that he was meeting with NCAA investigators.

A quick check with the SCAR compliance office revealed no such meeting, and Spurrier quickly handed down the suspension to the senior, who was previously suspended from team activities for a week in January after missing meetings and workouts.

This whole situation is yet another reason why UNC's self-imposed silence on the NCAA issue, while frustrating to fans and maddening to the media, remains a smart course of action. Besides, it seems that Saunders forgot one simple thing: The first rule of NCAA investigations is you do not talk about NCAA investigations. The second rule of NCAA investigations is you DO NOT talk about NCAA investigations!

But the Charleston paper's article did raise two intriguing points: First, on his radio show last week, Spurrier said he expected to have the results of the NCAA probe by the time the Gamecocks take the field on Labor Day weekend. This is significant because multiple pundits have expressed the fact that the UNC part of the investigation was not expected to take as long as SCAR or Alabama. If Spurrier expects to hear before the first game, then it is likely UNC would hear as well, or at least we can hope.

Second, the piece notes "sources have also said that frustration is building as Saunders' situation continues to be something of a distraction." This seems to be the exact opposite of what has been coming out of Chapel Hill, in that the unresolved situations of Greg Little and Marvin Austin are of concern, but have not raised to the level of distraction.