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The Birth of Tutor-gate

Yeah, Tutor-gate. Figured I would get it out there before someone else did.

The crazy train is running full-speed ahead leading up to Thursday evening's news conference. Inside Carolina's Greg Barnes, appearing on 99.9 The Fan this afternoon, backed up Joe Schad's original notion that somewhere between 6-12 players are involved in an academic situation involving a tutor (Schad originally said 9 players). CBS/AOL Fanhouse's Will Brinson is reporting 8 7 defensive starters are involved, and that defensive back Charles Brown and one other player have already been kicked off the team. ESPN's Schad is saying the players involved are a who's who - Marvin Austin, Bruce Carter, and Robert Quinn were specifically named.

There is also speculation that the tutor involved was not a athletic department employee, but merely an undergrad who wanted to get in good with the football team. And in a shocking report, Joe Schad is tweeting the tutor involved was also Butch Davis' nanny. I gotta say I find this one a little hard to believe because Davis has only one son, who is a junior in high school (a QB for East Chapel Hill high), and if the student tutor is an undergrad, the math doesn't seem to work. Keep in mind Schad was the one who said the agent investigation involved a dozen players when it was only two.

There has also been a report that Chancellor Holden Thorp met with the team on the field this afternoon. I would say that makes it DEFCON 2 in Chapel Hill.

Let the fun begin in about an hour...