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UNC Under Siege Day 21: NCAA Returns To Chapel Hill

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They just missed the food at Sutton's right?

According to ACC Now, the NCAA showed up again at UNC as part of the ongoing investigation.

Baddour declined to reveal who was interviewed in the NCAA’s return to campus. On the previous visit, Baddour has said, athletes were interviewed.

Wide receiver Greg Little’s father later said that Little was interviewed, and The News & Observer and Charlotte Observer confirmed that defensive tackle Marvin Austin also spoke to investigators in July.

Baddour did say today that the school is participating in the investigation in conjunction with the NCAA.

"We view this as a joint review, absolutely, that’s ongoing," Baddour said. "Their initial call to us was that we will conduct this review together, and that’s what we’re doing."

So does this mean the NCAA is close to wrapping this up? No one is saying and Dick Baddour is not giving us much to base anything on here. If you are in the mood to speculate I would think this is simply a visit to tie up loose ends or follow up on what investigators learned in their visits to other college campuses in the days following the trip to Chapel Hill.

Actually, the most interesting part of Baddour's whole statement is the fact he referred to this as a "joint review" with the NCAA. Baddour also indicated that the NCAA said the review would be joint from the initial call. My question is why are we just hearing that now? I am not saying UNC should have been discussing the investigation/review/inquisition with the media but why wait three weeks to trot out that this is being done jointly. That certainly sounds more benign than the way it has been portrayed to this point. If you want to go the optimistic route with all of this you can take Baddour's recasting of the NCAA peek into UNC football as a sign it might end up being much ado about nothing. We hope anyway.