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Zeller Thought Wears Went Out For Pizza, Never Came Back

Okay not really and I know, I promised we were done with the Wears but then items like this keep popping up. Robbi Pickeral of the CharNews & Observer did one of those standard profile pieces on Tyler Zeller. It basically went like this. Zeller is working hard both on the court and at an internship, hopes to not get injured again yada, yada, yada and he roomed with the Wears and to this day has no idea why they left. Wait..what?

Without David and Travis Wear - the freshmen forwards who opted to leave town and transfer after the season without telling their coaches or teammates - Zeller is one of only three players 6 feet 8 or taller available to play in the post.

Zeller, who roomed with the twins, still appeared baffled by the way they made their exit: "I saw them the day before they left, and they didn't say anything (about not coming back). Ed (Davis) called me the next morning and said, 'They left.' I said, 'What are you talking about, I saw them yesterday?' And he said, 'They left - it's all over the Internet.' I didn't know what to think."

As of this interview last month, he still hadn't heard from the Wears. He said he holds no animosity toward them, but he also prefers to look forward, not back.

Got real close to roommate/teammate Tyler Zeller didn't they? If I were Ben Howland I think I would have the Wears' phones tapped and force them to wear some sort of electronic monitoring device.

As for Zeller, he could have a huge impact but only if he plays his size. Remember, Zeller averaged 9.3 ppg and 4.6 rpg playing only 17 minutes per contest. During the NIT run we saw some glimpses of Zeller being a reliable scorer. Staying injury free is important but close behind that is Zeller playing like he is a seven footer. There were too many instances where Zeller gets jostled, knocked off the block or has the ball stripped/blocked by smaller players. Playing with strength and toughness would give the Heels a solid interior game along side John Henson's freakish athleticism. The upside is I fully expect UNC's offense will be bettered balanced and more efficient. Zeller runs the court extremely well meaning he should thrive if the Roy Williams' offense is being executed as it should.