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Draughn Cleared

UNC starting tailback Shaun Draughn has been cleared to play vs Georgia Tech, UNC announced on Monday. Draughn was originally held out of the LSU game but not declared ineligible presumably as a part of the UNC investigation into possible academic infractions committed by members of the football team. According to the depth chart Draughn is listed with Johnny White and Anthony Elzy as potential starters.

Of the players sitting out, I would put Draughn near the top of the list of ones UNC needed back for this particular game. I would probably put Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn higher simply based on the need to have a solid front seven to slow down Georgia Tech's triple option. Plus, the Yellow Jacket passing game is horrendous so if you can bottle up their rushing game, you are in good shape. Since Austin is not even practicing with the team, there is little chance we see him any time soon(and I am still convinced it will be never.) As for Quinn, I still cannot get a grasp on what he did to warrant being declared ineligible. The rumor mill says it is agent related. Since Quinn is a true junior he is not supposed to have any contact with agents until after the 2010 season ends. It could be related to that or Quinn may have accidentally backed into an NCAA investigator's rental car while he or she was on campus.

Getting Draughn back gives UNC some semblance of a running game and if we see LSU-game flavored T.J. Yates and Jhey Boyd then the offense should be in great shape, assuming the Heels figured out that pesky center-QB exchange.