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Nicks and Tate

Since UNC was off this weekend and the hemorrhaging of crappy rumors concerning Agentutor-game has abated for the moment, we can turn our attention to the NFL where two of finest receivers in Tar Heel history had solid games.

In New York, Hakeem Nicks caught three TD passes propelling the Giants to a 31-18 win over the Carolina Panthers. While I am a Panthers fan, it was difficult to feel too badly about the result considering how well Nicks played(I also have him in fantasy football, double win!) Nicks had a good season as a rookie and it appears he is really coming into his own in his 2nd season.

Former WR and kick returner Brandon Tate had a big day doing the latter for New England vs Cincinnati. Tate had 184 total yards on kick returns and popped off a 97 yard run completely untouched(video here) for a TD to start the 2nd half. Tate ended his UNC career(prematurely due to a knee injury) as the most prolific return specialist in UNC history. Nice to see him doing that in the NFL now.