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Roy: No Contact Between Tutor And Basketball Team

Doc is right. UNC is a virtual fountain of information when it comes to the academics issue.

UNC trots Roy Williams out in an effort to assuage the fears of UNC fans concerned the current academic scandal will somehow engulf the basketball team. Roy says, as far as they can tell, that will not be the case:

In an interview with The News & Observer, Williams said no one can ever be 100 percent sure that the school’s academic investigation won’t carry over to other programs.

"But I have, since the news has been out there, checked with our people to see if we had anybody involved with that specific tutor; is this something that I’m going to get a call about in the middle of the night?" he said. "And I’ve been assured that it’s not going to be a call I’m going get in the middle of the night, and I’ve been assured that there has not been any contact with that particular tutor. That’s as far as I can go; that’s as far as they want me to ask. They want me to keep my nose out of it, and I’m trying to do that – and gladly doing that, to be honest with you."

You can also read into this quote that UNC's scope basically involves the tutor in question and probably asking the current academic support staff two questions: Have you ever helped an athlete cheat? Do you know anyone working for UNC who has helped an athlete cheat? In short UNC is going to account for business in their own house while figuring out what kind of damage might extend from the unnamed tutor and that's it.

On a side note, ABCers are breathlessly hyping the fact that Roy's statement does not jive with the fact Greg Little was on the basketball team during the 2007-08 season. Well, let me spell it out and I will use small words so everyone can understand. It is a very simple question. Did Greg Little have contact with the tutor in question or did Little have any papers written by the tutor in question during the brief stint he played basketball at UNC. If the answer is "no" then what Roy said is absolutely correct. If the answer is "yes" then ABCers can feel free to take their pants off if they have not already(pretty sure they have been pantless for about six weeks now.) Simply because Little was on the team at one point does not mean squat unless you have evidence connecting Little to the tutor before or during that time. While it is possible Roy talked to Robbi Pickeral without having accounted for Little's time on the basketball team and any alleged contact with the tutor I cannot imagine that is the case. Then again, there is a truck load of crap going on that never entered my imagination before so let's leave it at that for now.