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So Anything New Happening?

Here is the latest on the investigation into UNC football which is never going to end and will eventually drive me insane.

  • Dick Baddour continues to be forthcoming with the media saying on Monday that they did not anticipate any players being dismissed from the team. The same is true of the remaining coaching staff following John Blake's resignation.
  • As for a timetable when the two pronged probe might end, Baddour said it had reached a point where UNC and the NCAA were working through "individual circumstances." While most fans are hoping for resolution in one fail swoop the more likely scenario is a player or two will be cleared here and there. Baddour was unable to commit to a point in time when any one player might be cleared. Translation: Clearances will trickle out.
  • Y! Sports Charles Robinson speaking with Adam Gold and Joe Ovies on 99.9 The Fan today said Butch Davis made effort last season to find John Blake another job. Robinson also said he is "fairly certain" Marvin Austin is done as a UNC football player. Well, heck, I am fairly certain too where Austin is concerned, Baddour's statement not withstanding. UNC needs a player to take a fairly lofty fall for this mess and Austin fits the bill since he is already suspended for breaking team rules. Blake was the sacrificial lamb from the coaching staff. One issue with Davis attempting to put distance between himself and Blake last season is someone is bound to ask whether he did so because he knew something was wrong then. Everyone say it with me: "What did he know and when did he know." At best it means Davis was aware of the stigma attached to Blake.
  • Greg Little hired a lawyer to handle the NCAA issues which is a good move in terms of protecting himself but not so good from a public perception standpoint.
  • UNC announced a couple of shifts in the coaching staff to cover for the loss of assistant coach John Blake. Defensive coordinator Everett Withers will move from working with the secondary to handling the linebackers. Art Kaufman will assume responsibility for the defensive line and defensive backs coach Troy Douglas will now be in charge of the entire secondary.
  • Both the AP and coaches' polls were released and UNC dropped out of the Top 25 in both.