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UNC Clears Searcy

Allow me to break up the funeral dirge for a moment to drop this piece of good news.

North Carolina senior safety Da'Norris Searcy has been cleared to play, a UNC official has confirmed, and will take the field Saturday against East Carolina.

Searcy was held out of the first three games this season while the University and the NCAA determined his eligibility status, as part of the ongoing investigation into the program.

Just to be clear. Da'Norris Searcy was essentially suspended three games for an overabundance of caution on the part of UNC. Actually, Dick Baddour is saying Searcy was cleared as part of the academic review. Since there was no honor court ruling I am aware of, Searcy basically sat three games while the confirmed his eligibility. Then again, why should I be looking a gift horse in the mouth? Nine to go...well eight because Marvin Austin is never coming back.

Moving on to the actual football. This is obviously a huge boost to the secondary which will be facing a pass happy ECU offense. If the NCAA somehow rules favorably on Deunta Williams penalty we could see both safeties on the field Saturday. If not, it is still a plus since UNC will have both when Clemson comes to town next weekend.