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UNC Hires New Assistant

UNC announced the hiring of former NFL assistant coach Charlie Coiner to fill the slot vacated by defensive line coach John Blake. Coiner comes to Chapel Hill following a stint with the Buffalo Bills and a long career at various schools. Since UNC had already adjusted the staff to fill the void left by Blake's resignation, Butch Davis had some flexibility when it came to filling the open spot. It is clear, based on Coiner's coaching history, Davis decided to address an area of immediate need: special teams.

"One of the real added pluses is that he brings a level of expertise with special teams," Davis said of Coiner. "It’s unrealistic to expect in a short two-or-three day period of time that we’ll see the effects of what he’ll be able to do, but he’s been an assistant special teams coordinator in the National Football League. He’s a good football coach. He’s smart, he’s bright, he’s got good communication skills, he’s a good teacher [and] he’s got a unique perspective in that he has seen an awful lot of very good football players and how they play. I think it’s a good addition. He’s got a close personal relationship with several of the coaches on our staff and I think that from a chemistry standpoint, that was critically important – if you’re going to add someone at this stage into the mix, it needs to be somebody that’s got really good chemistry and enthusiasm. I think that certainly Charlie will bring that."

Oh, anyone want to lay odds on whether (1) they thoroughly checked out Coiner's resume and (2) asked him about any relationships he might have with agents, academic tutors or crew of the SS Botany Bay. Regardless, even now, ABCers are combing the interwebs looking for a picture of Coiner handing wads of $100 bills to recruits or something.