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UNC Makes Changes To Offensive Line

Alternate headline: Butch Davis forbids Jonathan Cooper from touching the football ever again.

In response to the rather abysmal performance of the offensive line during the LSU game, Butch Davis decided to make a few changes. The one which sticks out the most is Jonathan Cooper moving from center to left guard. Cooper struggled mightily with the center-QB exchange in the season opener to the tune of nine LSU points via a turnover deep in UNC territory and air mailing a snap through the back of the end zone. In Cooper's place, junior Cam Holland will now handle the snaps. Holland saw significant time at center in 2009 filling in for an injured Lowell Dyer. To accommodate Cooper's move to left guard, Alan Pelc will shift to right guard.

Also, Greg Elleby is moving back to the defensive line which is undoubtedly a move meant to create some depth while UNC waits for the NCAA to finish the world's first simultaneous colonoscopy and endocscopy.