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Virginia 75, UNC 60

Cavaliers vs Tar Heels boxscore

That was just awful.

I've found some good in a lot of UNC's recent performances despite their final scores, but there was just no bright side to this game. The entire team shot poorly. The passes were as bad as they've ever been, the defense incredibly porous and the rebounding pathetic. Virginia as a team shot almost 52%, with Sylven Landesberg leading everyone with 29 points. No defensive adjustment stopped or even slowed him down, the only folks holding him to under 30 were his teammates Zeglinski and Scott, who combined for thirty themselves. 

There's no indication UNC has learned anything from the win at State, or the three losses preceding it. They're just as bad as they were a month ago, and it looks like they're going to continue to be bad for quite some time. I've never seen Williams put in the end of the bench in a loss, but when the deficit was nineteen with a minute to play, there they were. And they outscored UVa 4-0, so it was a pretty smart move.

Coming in to tonight, I could have handled a loss here, actually. The team was turning it around, but it's a slow process. A tight game where things just didn't go the Heels' way would have been rough, but manageable. After all, Virginia's a good team. But this was a team that just didn't show up in the second half. It was a complete train wreck, and I've got nothing good to say about this team, save there's only six more weeks in the season.