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Game Thread: College of Charleston

Ignore the fact that the SB Nation software insists on referring to this school as "Charleston." It's the College of Charleston, reknowned for it's attraction to North Carolina high school graduates who like the beach but think UNCW is too close.

UNC, of course, is headed down to the coast primarily because of Williams' friendship with Bobby Cremins, formerly of Gerogia Tech and now happily ensconced in the Coastal school. Here's what Williams said at a press conference before last year's game:

"It's because of Bobby Cremins and the respect that I have for him. I do love Charleston. We own a home down there at Wild Dunes. There's no question that it's one of my favorite places to play golf and sit on the beach and eat seafood, but I don't think I'll be doing any three of those when we come back next year and play.

"Bobby had talked to me about coming (this season) and opening their new arena and we couldn't get that exactly worked out. But he thought this would be nice for their program and nice for him, and I'm dumb enough to play a home-and-home at Princeton several years ago when I was at Kansas and to take a team to the Palestra (in Philadelphia to face Penn) just because our radio announcer had never done a game in the Palestra, so I've been dumb enough to do a lot of things."

Judging by UNC's performance over the last couple of games, I somehow doubt much golf was played this weekend myself. This is the second year of a home-away-home series for the Heels.