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The NCAA Still Does Not Like Being Lied To

If I may make a small recommendation. Whoever makes the next orientation video for the Carolina football team includes the scene from The West Wing where Martin Sheen talks to Dulé Hill about the upcoming Congressional investigation - the whole, "If you lie about anything, you're dead to me" speech. Because Greg Little, Robert Quinn, and Marvin Austin apparently lied to the NCAA, and did so badly. And now the NCAA has declared their time in Kenan done.

Not that they weren't likely done anyway, as all three took items of large value from a still-unamed agent, mostly of the diamond variety. It wasn't through John Blake, and presumably wasn't Gary Wilchard, who the SI article linked in the previous item claims was just an ass, not a cash-dispensing ass. UNC is still trying to be as compliant as humanly possible while instituting even more compliant compliance policies, in an Scott to avoid the threat of super double-secret probation or whatever else the NCAA may inflict upon them. I can't help but view these announcements as relatively good news, compared at least to the horrors I can conjur up in my head. There was no connection between these sums and the coaching staff, and this apparently concludes all the players involved in the agent side of things. The cash outlay is pretty embarrassingly large, which questions the staff's oversight (on the bright side, Carolina doesn't come cheap) but I'm not ruling out this being discovered at other institutions as well, especially when the agent's name comes out. UNC is closer to being clear of the limbo it has found itself in all season, and the sooner everything is out in the open, the sooner these things can be fixed. One question, since I'm still six time zones away - any word on whether this could effect results from the 2009 season?