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Alabama's Marcell Dareus Says Blake Steered Him Towards Wichard

Hope you enjoyed the football victory, because it's Monday now and we're back to allegations of impropriety. Today's hit comes from sources telling both ESPN and Yahoo! that Marcell Dareus told the NCAA that Blake recommended Wichard to both himself and South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders over the summer.

On reflection, however, I almost consider this good news. There report says nothing about Blake funneling money to either player – Dareus sat out two games for receiving a calculated $1,787 in benefits on a trip to a Miami party – and the fact Blake was touting Wichard to players at other schools backs up the idea that Blake was just out of control and not that the problem was the entire UNC program. Of course, the fact that Blake was pulling this with players at other schools and word still never got back to Davis is a little suspect, as well. 

An yes, eagle-eyed readers will note that Dareus was on the hook for more benefits than either Kendric Burney or Deunta Williams, and yet was given a lighter suspension than either UNC player. I'll refrain from drawing any conclusions about the NCAA enforcement bureau in this space.